Brick Cleaning and Restoration

Are you looking for professional brick cleaning services?

We are experts in restoring brickwork to look fresh once again, unravel the beauty of your tired old looking building!

Our specialist brick cleaning services covers both old and new buildings removing all types of stains, carbon soiling and discolouration.

As well as cleaning we offer a full service to carrying out necessary repairs to damaged brickwork including heritage masonry such as listed buildings with experience in using a range of lime mortars.

Brick Cleaning

Having your buildings exterior professionally cleaned is a fraction of the cost of to build, it can make a huge difference on the finished project most importantly leaving the building a pleasure to look at and exceeding customer satisfaction. We like to call it ‘the icing on the cake’.


Hiring a contractor for brick cleaning can be daunting as there could be a high risk involved of causing un necessary damage to delicate brickwork and mortar joints, this is most commonly created by un experienced operatives. Some of these methods include applying uneven coatings of chemical, not thoroughly dampening the surface before application, incorrect use of pressure, incorrect nozzles used and also by aiming the lance too close to the surface.

At Brooklands new build mortar stain chemical brick cleaning is one of our specialities we hold contracts with a some of the country largest and leading house builders and construction companies working to a tight schedule and cleaning to the highest of standards. We have vast experience in cleaning methods and how to remove such stains and mortar snots from brickwork surfaces including the correct nozzles, how much pressure, water flow rates and chemical dilution ratios are suitable in order to do the job not only effectively but efficiently.


We are able to reach up to 3 stories high from ground level once the scaffold has been de-erected, most commonly we use this method on residential house types but for all other works on larger commercial or industrial building types we can clean from scaffolding or provide MEWPS – Mobile elevated work platforms to access those hard to reach areas. We can also clean pathways, access roads, hoardings, driveways and incorporate high level window cleaning into the final clean leaving the building well presented taking care of all finishing touches ready for hand over.

Brickwork over time can be severely affected by the atmosphere and its surroundings. We can remove unsightly contaminants such as:

  • Organic matter
  • Efflorescence
  • Carbon deposits
  • Ivy residue
  • Mortar
  • Paint and graffiti
  • Fire and smoke damage

Our cleaning team applies a number of professional techniques to ensure the best results with every service we deliver. Some of these include:

  • The use of hot and cold water pressure washing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Blast cleaning

Removing paint from brickwork:
Using our specially formulated paint removal techniques Brooklands can affectively remove paint from brickwork and restore inner former beauty whilst causing minimal damage to the bricks surface. Depending on the structural integrity of the brickwork if the paint removal process would not be possible without causing further damage to the mortar joints the client would be notified early on in the cleaning process and we would be able to offer suitable solutions to your problems such as repointing transforming the overall appearance and further prolonging the life of your building.

A new building is a huge investment, so it should be pristine on the day of handover. During the construction process theres a likely hood of the superstructure becoming messy due to excess mortar when laying the brick or stone also from bad weather conditions causing smears and splashes from scaffold lifts adjacent to the walls.

As a result of this it can leave highly skilled work looking unsightly and give the builders reputation a poor image for leaving a project visually not up to standard.


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